Introducing the NanoHeat

Leading the way in hyperthermia research

Unique coil design

The most advanced device on the market

Homogenous and well defined field



Leading the way in Instrumentation for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia Research and Beyond

NanoScience Laboratories personnel have many years experience in the field of Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia (MFH) and Magnetic Nanoparticles. Our researchers were part of the team to provide the first commercial magnetic nanoparticle heating hyperthermia instrument more than 10 years ago, and today we are using our combined expertise in biology, biophysics, electronics and system control to bring you the ultimate MFH devices, the NanoHeat.

We are committed to the development of magnetic fluid hyperthermia as a clinical method for the treatment of cancer. We design and manufacture high quality, reliable, MFH devices for the research environment that are easy to use, customisable to the requirements of researchers and affordable.

Our next generation of devices, currently in development, will provide larger instruments for researchers developing techniques in large biological samples.

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Announcing the NanoHeat

With its unique Coil Cassette System, easy to use software control and well-defined and homogenous ac magnetic field, the NanoHeat provides researchers with the ultimate instrument for performing High Resolution Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia experiments.

• 69 frequencies optimally spaced between 50kHz to 1,000kHz, for exploring complex susceptibility versus frequency etc.

• Maximum field strength 56mT rms (79mT peak)

• Continuous linear power control. Note, this is not power modulation (where full power is switched off for part of the control cycle to reduce the ‘average’ field strength)

• Intuitive software control of all parameters

• Well characterised and homogenous magnetic field: <5% for 7.3ml, field maps provided

• Real-time frequency and field feedback stabilization

• Real-time monitoring of field strength and frequency

• One instrument for both Chemistry/calorimetric and Biological samples

• Compact and portable

• Sample holder for quick, accurate and reproducible positioning

• Affordable – everything except a temperature monitor is included

• Cooling via tap to drain (with stable mains water supply)

• Reliable proven technology – run experiments for minutes or hours


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The NanoHeat: from left to right the Computer, Enclosure and Power Supply. An optional fibre-optic temperature instrument is displayed far right.

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