About Us

NanoScience Laboratories invents, designs, develops and manufactures innovative devices for hyperthermia research.

NanoScience Laboratories was formed in 2014 by Alan Clarke, Neil Farrow and Peter Lonsdale, and brings together many years of experience in nano-particle and biomagnetics research, electronic and software engineering, and in the last 10 years, the design and development of Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia devices.

We are passionate about driving Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia techniques forwards towards viable clinical treatments, and have designs for larger devices and associated instruments to realise this goal.

In addition to our in-house expertise we also draw on the expertise of associates in the fields of design, engineering and scientific collaborations with research organisations.

Our instrumentation is designed and manufactured in-house in the UK and we supply customers worldwide.

Dr Neil Farrow

Neil FarrowNeil received his B.Sc. from the Department of Biology at the University of Portsmouth and PhD from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech).

Neil has worked in the U.S.A developing clinical applications for in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy at the Huntington Medical Research Institute and at Cobra Therapeutics in the UK investigating biophysical and biological aspects of human gene therapy.

He has worked at Keele University BioMagnetics laboratory for 10 years developing biomagnetic instrumentation including hyperthermia, cell transfection and tissue engineering technologies.

He is a founder member of the first company to provide a dedicated commercial hyperthermia instrument for laboratory research.

Neil also consults for a variety of biotech companies and has published a number of journal articles in the area of biophysics.

Alan Clarke

Alan ClarkeAlan is an electronics engineer with 25 years experience designing equipment for Siemens PLC.  This included working at the leading edge of diverse fields such as digital telecoms, high power microwave amplifiers for satellite communications and variable-speed drives.

Since 2008, he has acted as a design consultant to several companies and developed six items of nano-particle research equipment through to CE certification and sales.

At the start of 2013 Alan began working exclusively on magnetic nano-particle hyperthermia equipment.  He was integral in NanoScience Labs patent application for a homogeneous RF magnetic field transducer, a device to scale magnetic fluid hyperthermia treatment to humans.

Peter Lonsdale

Peter LonsdalePeter is a design engineer with 14 years experience in electronic, power and software engineering, passionate about all forms of engineering, analysis and simulation.
Peter has worked for Siemens and also Innovative Technology Ltd, working in all stages of the design process from initial concepts to production engineering. He is the architect of our software and also has worked closely with Alan on the hardware and control systems design.


NanoScience Laboratories is a private limited company registered in England.
Company number: 09113905 – Vat registration number: 201149069