The NanoHeat is the most advanced device available for all your alternating magnetic field heating experiments.

NanoHeat Main Benefits

• The most Homogenous and Accurate magnetic fields of any instrument on the market: we have taken great care in the design of our system to ensure that the magnetic field over the sample volume is homogenous, stable and accurately measured: ±5% homogenous field over 7ml volume. We use a proprietary five-step procedure involving finite element, ab initio and direct measurement validation to analyse the magnetic field, and we provide users with this data.

• For larger diameter coils, or for smaller samples, the homogenous field provides the possibility of running multiple samples simultaneously.

• 69 frequencies optimally spaced between 50kHz to 1,000kHz, the widest range of any instrument available and ideal for exploring complex susceptibility vs frequency etc.

• Maximum field strength 56mT rms (79mT peak).

• Continuous linear power control. Note, this is not power modulation (where full power is switched off for part of the control cycle to reduce the ‘average’ field strength).

• The user set magnetic field strength and frequency is continually monitored and stabilized by feedback to ensure stable and reproducible experiments.

• The user interface displays in real-time the magnetic field strength and frequency.

• Easy to Use: intuitive software control of frequency, field strength, experiment duration, timing steps etc. You will be obtaining quality results very quickly.

• One device for Calorimetric and Biological samples: additional wide coils available for larger biological samples ensures the NanoHeat is the most versatile device on the market. Our innovative Coil Cassette System ensures reproducible results every time, and avoids the expense of buying multiple units.

• Sample Holders are provided to ensure accurate and reproducible measurements .

• Run samples in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

• Reliable proven technology: run experiments for minutes or hours.

• Compact and portable.

• Cooling by either tap to drain or water chiller: a recirculating water chiller is recommended if the mains water supply flow rates and temperatures vary significantly.

• Use your own thermometry system: we can supply or recommend a fibre optic thermometry system or users can continue to use their own system with the NanoHeat.

• The design faciliates the use of thermal cameras.

• Use your own sample bottles or NSL’s own glass containers; customise your experimental protocol to your exact requirements or use the included Sample Holders. We can also provide custom sample holders with or without vacuum walls.

• Custom coils available.

• Affordable; everything except a temperature monitor is included.

• CE marked: certificate of conformance.


The NanoHeat system: from left to right the Computer, Enclosure and Power Supply. An optional fibre optic temperature instrument is displayed.


The main user screen for the NanoHeat Software.
The main user screen for the NanoHeat Software; choosing the frequency and setting the field strength is intuitive.


Finite Element Analysis density plots for the NanoHeat Chemistry Coil magnetic field at 20mT and 100kHz. The green areas display the field ±5, 10 and 20%.


A NanoHeat Coil Cassette.


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