Nanoheat unit

The instrument for heating magnetic nanoparticles in an AC magnetic field.

• Easy to Use: intuitive software control of frequency, field strength, experiment duration, timing steps etc. You will be obtaining quality results very quickly.
• 69 frequencies between 50kHz and 1,000kHz.
• Maximum field strength 56mT rms (79mT peak).

• Continuous linear power control.
• One device for Calorimetric and Biological samples: our innovative Coil Cassette System ensures reproducible results.
• Reliable proven technology: run experiments for minutes or hours.
• Compact and portable.


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AC Magnetic Field Probe, versions I & II

We believe that collaborations between research groups can be assisted and improved by accurate knowledge about the magnetic fields in hyperthermia instruments.

Field strength and homogeneity data will help researchers compare their results and assist in the development of magnetic fluid hyperthermia.

The NanoScience Labs Probe has been developed to measure AC magnetic fields strengths and frequencies from 40 kHz to 1 MHz and field strengths up to 650mT, the first of it kind!


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